Saturday , June 23 2018

Ganpati 2016

Almost five years have gone since the last time I visited any Mumbai sarvajanik Ganpathi utsav erection. Why not this time! My friend encouraged me to accompany him. Without hesitation I fixed it for Wednesday afternoon through next day’s morning. I packed my bag with necessary items including camera. We met at Navi Mumbai station and headed towards our first ... Read More »

Darshan 2016

It was sudden thought, to make it memorable. This year again there will be same kind of Ganpati Darshan and one usual article with few pics. However, I always enjoy darshan night on regular route that is Lalbaug.  However, this year we have decided to explore new route and complete journey. It was impulsive decision but to explore unexplored Khetwadi ... Read More »

into the wild

i got to know about this movie from Pinterest. i still remember it was poster in which guy is sitting on top of  bus. looks like lost somewhere in thoughts….. then i searched online… as its youtube channel describes it: it is true story of guy who ‘based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life ... Read More »

Steve McCurry

we all know him. just hint – ‘he is famous photographer for afghan girl for NatGeo magazine’. yes you got it right !  he is Steve McCurry but for travel enthusiastic or passionate portrait photographer all know him very well. Steve McCurry (born February 24, 1950) is an American photographer that has worked in photojournalism and editorial as he said on his blog ... Read More »

Band of Brothers

I had seen this trailer on HBO channel but could not recollect, just knew it was long back. Eagerly waiting to know what it was about because it is related to war and interestingly it’s a journey of a company through Europe. (the travelling part catches my attention) As they put it on HBO Now’s site as : I searched online, ... Read More »

Artist’s inspiration

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Damm Trip

In a quick end moment wrap we decided a trip to a dam that we newly came to know. Coming holiday we started out after gathering at Navi Mumbai on our bikes. Everyone’s incognizance about that place half an hour from Karjat turned our 90 minutes journey into a 4 hour journey. Somehow reaching there at 12 in the noon ... Read More »

up above sky

Long time ago, I was in my native place. lying under tree and simply taking rest, getting refresh. no hurry for missing timetable, just feeling air to get recharge. I think I was alone and after some time due to cool breeze I got slept forgetting everything. After a few minutes I woke and saw sky through tree and I found myself as no one ... Read More »

move on

It was another weekend when i was not traveling. But a full day at home is not possible for a person like me. So i was at Tapari seeping cutting (half tea). Though i was sitting in one place and listening talks, I was stuck to a scene in front of me. There was a lamp post which was making ... Read More »

Mahabharata Versions

i knew JAYA was Mahabharata’s original version (lets consider version 1.0). It may be preserved as folktale from one generation to another off course with changes of addition and deletions of parts. Almost all believe it was story of war between two viz. Pandavas and Kauravas. it may be actual battel between two Groups Later i have found out Jaya version updated ... Read More »