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Ovalekar Wadi – 3

Ovalekar Wadi – 3

As we moved from there we came upon a shallow well like structure inside which a dark green chameleon was residing.


It was found injured by sir and he had brought it to this new home. His every move reminded of a slow motion scene of an action movie. After watching it a few minutes we moved to a nearby Tarfeta group.


Yellow butterflies were in abundance but only our luck if one would sit steady for us to take a nice snap. I was just standing there observing their move.

One professional photographer was trying to capture some good shots for last 2-3 hours. He showed us some samples he had taken previously. They were beautiful. But as any professional photographer he was not easily satisfied with his work, and neither his obsession to carry on for some good shots, was diminishing.

As patience was running out of me, I was truly admired of his craving for a perfect shot.


I was walking around looking at the plants, reading their names and remembering some if I have ever seen it before. Looking at the vivid flowers created calmness of mind.


Many of the plants bore only fruits and butterflies were hovering all around them. At last I got a chance to take a beautiful snap.


I moved on looking for some more snaps to take when I felt like seeing duel winged butterfly above a small branch, which turned out to be mating between two butterflies.


Our park exploration was almost finishing but the butterflies were still not out of our sight. We were still in their niche with their presence in quite a large number.


We were coming out of the park with the satisfaction of experiencing something different from our usual day to day life.



Such parks in every part of the concrete jungle are in need which helps to teach the younger generation about its importance and bring them closer to the nature.


Even a small such park can change a lot about the positive feelings in mind about our natural habitat.


After coming out of the park we again walked up to the main road. There we had a misal pav and went towards the bus stop. There was no sight of the bus for Thane station for a long time. We could see one private bus of some company coming near and we got into it. It was stopping at every short distance picking up passengers, which seemed like “wave and stop” ST bus method.  At some stops the bus was taking its own time waiting for the people to come and board it. Loud music in Marathi and Hindi was beating in the bus. It was windy as I dozed off for a few minutes, which is best way to pass the time and get refreshed. It took quite a long time to cover the distance of 10 km but we were out of choice as it was a Sunday afternoon. Such things sometime turn out to be a unique experience to remember.


After getting down from the bus we walked a while until we reached Thane station. A train was already at the platform about to leave. We boarded the train which was already packed. We had to stand for a while till we could get a seat. The weekend was ending as we were thinking about our next weekend plans.

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