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Mahabharata Versions

  1. i knew JAYA was Mahabharata’s original version (lets consider version 1.0). It may be preserved as folktale from one generation to another off course with changes of addition and deletions of parts.
    1. Almost all believe it was story of war between two viz. Pandavas and Kauravas.
    2. it may be actual battel between two Groups
  2. Later i have found out Jaya version updated to VIJAYA.
    1. I think it only glorified Winning side. added few details about wining side started spreading it (with purpose)
    2. i think they may have changed the outcome of story that is winning side. but it just a thought of mine.
  3. Later comes BHARAT by this time
    1. it was becoming well known in culture of that times and story tellers may have added their own Heros and Villains in story.
      1. it is obvious that heros and villains addition may have influenced by
        1. political condition of that time and/or
        2. to show signify of own tribe/ degrade opposite tribe and/or
        3. to show imagination of new characters
        4. . (list may be updated)
  4. During our time it became MAHABHARAT
    1. but first thing should be noted that it is not finalized version or complete
      1. Previous generations did not knew writing, and those who knew they may have updated versions as per their feasibility (obvious they also have different versions as well)
      2. for other who heard JAYA or VIJAYA or BHARAT versions in folktale may have the respective undiluted versions.
    2. Gita seems completely different philosophy added in Mahabharat versions and accepted widely because its guidance for Humanity.

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