Wednesday , May 23 2018
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up above sky

Long time ago, I was in my native place. lying under tree and simply taking rest, getting refresh. no hurry for missing timetable, just feeling air to get recharge. I think I was alone and after some time due to cool breeze I got slept forgetting everything.


After a few minutes I woke and saw sky through tree and I found myself as no one comparing to sky and tree. 

…we as human being wanted everything so taking down everything which is in our ways. and always our first target would be Nature. Neglecting fact that the only thing protecting from sky danger is ‘Nature’. once we destroyed curtains of it then our fate will be fade away and will be lost…
but we are humans though knowing all things we pretend there will be way and searching. But deep in heart we already knew it’s too late and there is up above sky waiting for us…

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