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Darshan 2016

Darshan 2016

It was sudden thought, to make it memorable. This year again there will be same kind of Ganpati Darshan and one usual article with few pics. However, I always enjoy darshan night on regular route that is Lalbaug.  However, this year we have decided to explore new route and complete journey. It was impulsive decision but to explore unexplored Khetwadi lanes, initially we had doubt about completion of project.

First drew rough outlines of project and thought few milestones. As generally happened in any travel we knew from our experience that final output will be interesting and there will be many changes. We just wanted to enjoy tour.

Then we waited to day come i.e. Wednesday night. Because Monday is Ganesh Chaturthi arrived so there will be less decoration or most mandapwil have Pooja, so darshan will take time, Tuesday is ganpati’s day so crowd will be more. Wednesday is perfect night. Thursday is second option. From Friday weekend going to start and also 5 days ganpati will be gone so from Friday crowd will increase more n more, each ganpati will take long time to darshan. Hence less chances of covering more mandals in short time.

7 September 2016:

Afternoon took rest. As we are going to awake whole night and also traveling, so had to relax before journey starts. In afternoon, checked backpack luggage. Check for battery recharge. Emptying memory card for new pictures. Also, prepared mobiles in case of DSLR battery drained out or memory cards gets full. That was our plan B.

But there was healy rain in late afternoon. I was worried. I don’t want to capture moments from under the umbrella. Hoping things will settle we waited. By the time rain stopped and with prayer for Ganpati bappa and left home.


In Navi Mumbai Local Train transits faster way to reach Mumbai than mode of bus. Now all trains have 12 coaches in harbor too. it makes less crowded train.


One glance at google map

Shailesh joined in and now its two’s company. But still there was drizzling outside. With uncertainty we crossed vashi bridge and reaching towards Mumbai.

at kurla immediately got down and caught train towards Dadar.  It was fast local and Dadar only, so got chance stand in relax mood.A quick move to get down at dadar station to avoid hurried passengers was useful. It was necessary for safety.


Later we catched train towards Churchgate. Still confused about which station to alight at from Mumbai Central, Churni Road or Marine Lines. So googled to check which station is near for first from list


we got down at Churni road. Two enquiries and we are on our way. (second to confirm)

The starting travel was lengthy so needed break ‘Cutting’ (tea) will be best option and with vadapav it will be awesome. There was tapari so ate vadapav but there was no tea so started again towards signed as mentioned by co traveler i.e. ‘go straight and from signal take left

As we have taken left we assured our self that we are there because everywhere hoardings with Ganesha as brand ambassador marketing products.


Now as starting point arrived we had Tea and after adjusting lens we asked for exact location for first from our list ‘Keshwaji Naik Chawl Ganpati’

  1. Keshwaji Naik Chawl:

It is first ganpati in Mumbai and celebrating its 124th year. We amazed for its simplicity. Small Makhar small idol energetic environment and calm karyakatas made our day. Non routine route is worthy. Few pics and lot of praises for mandal we moved on with smile of happiness.


There are other mandals one such mandal is P. B Chawl Mandal. This is again good example of simplicity. They are celebrating 115 years of Ganeshotsav. Simple decoration, makhar of Mandir, peaceful place and all of this in small lane.


There are other pandals on the way and I am sure they are beautiful but we want to stick to list. So moved towards next destination ‘Khetwadi

  1. Khetwadi Lanes:

It was difficult to locate khetwadi lanes and deciding which lanes to start first. From lanes with in lanes we have to first find wilson street then from there have to go though galli (lane).


And we are finally in front of sixth lane of Khetwadi. In between heavy traffic of slow moving vehicles we heard there are actually 14 lanes during taking suggestions from another commuter for locating lane number one. Surprised we knew there are 12 only. Hmmm! So we are almost at center of 14 lanes. So after small brainstorm we decided to start from last lane.  Unsure about being on right track we are started walking. First lane 7, then 8 and later 9. Yes, we are on right path. After lane #14 we walk little more, to confirm if there is lane number 15 😉 Instead we reached crossroad. Slowly slowly dark night is crawling in.


As we about to take U turn, shailesh suddenly remembers there is famous Kamabaug samosa shop


and we are just in front of it. After long walk eating unique Samosa was like treat. Shailesh even packed dozens for home. But samosas fate was different. It’s story will come in time. Have patience!

Now, we turned back, lane#14 did not have pandal, so we kept walking.


Lane 13 has pandal and lighting too but we could not see the entry gate. Amused we are started walking towards it and only realized that till now we were walking backside of lanes instead front side. But we are excited to watch upcoming chapter of lanes of khetwadi.


we sat for a while in queue till our entry in pandal. DJ music of Bappa was ON! And we enjoyed it. Chalchitra (playing scene) was based on Krishna’s Govardhan hill uplifting. They even show live rain.


It has lavish set and everywhere advertising hoardings. As our turn just came to enter in pandal queue was halted for Aarti (Prayer song). We patiently waited, watching Aarti on Big screen and praising for Lavish Palace created in pandal.


Somehow the coordinator stand and asked us two if want to enter with warning you wil get less time to take darshan after aarti. Surprised. But nodded instantly. The view was Beautiful. As we walk from balcony towards main hall. We took few pics


There is another Mandal (association) we don’t remember exact lane or name. But we think it had social message. But due to technical problem scene was not playing. We could make out it based on recent blockbuster Marathi film Sairaat. (From Enfield on set)


As we moving back on street, we saw in all this Pandal’s dominance one small Mandir (nicely decorated) is being neglected. We bowed to that idol.



This lane has set in icy cold surrounding. Bappa’s idol seems doing Tandav on Nandi (Shiva’s ride – bull). Both sculptures are in dancing mudra ( posture)


After this there is Tulashi building’s pandal. They have created idol from Modak. Different types of Modak. Like chocolates modak, kaju modak, pista modak, keshar modak, strawberry modak. All types of modak giving different colors and ultimately creating colorful Ganesha.


Usually family member roam in night to enjoy decoration, take bappas darshan and mainly to spend quality time with spiritual feelings.



In this lane scenery theme is based on Famous Marathi serial ‘Jai Malahr’.


Almost every mandal has warning notice for public regarding bomb threats, and what precautions to be taken in case of emergency.


Here pooja is being performed so we could not get chance to see scene. However, idol was beautiful and we also noticed mention of scenery maker here.



This has theme of mirrors. Different shaped and colors mirror were placed on the way. Huge idol was in walking posture. Also, gates decoration of tree is nicely done.



In Khambata lane audio-visual clip was shown. It had social message for next generation to pursue constructive dreams rather than wasting life. Idol was riding on horses is beautiful.


This had theme of Famous English movie ‘Jungle book’. Before it was converted to movie the TV serial counterpart was famous in India. Idol seems riding jungle book’s villain character i.e. Tiger



This year’s attraction was scene of killing of tripurasur and 25 feet ganesha’s idol


There is also another pandal nearby named as ‘second cross lane’



It had theme of Marathi saint and their philosophy.



It has again scene of killing of tripurasur. After play Ganesha’s entry was nice.



It also has theme of Jungle book. However, they have created surrounding of jungle.


With animals and dark environment is giving realistic touch. Idol is also looking beautiful which is riding on peacock.



Then we were totally confused about second lane and lost. After asking for directions finally we are in front of it. As name ‘Panbajracha Raja’ (Leaf’s market king) it literally covered with leafs.


Again we were lost and meanwhile we took darshan of Kumbharvada’s pandal.


It has very nicely choreographed different Hindu festivals.


Now its almost midnight and on our list’s next is Lalbaug. so we took taxi

1however since we are new on that route and had doubt fooling by driver started google map and made sure we are on right track


{to be continued..}

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