Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Band of Brothers

I had seen this trailer on HBO channel but could not recollect, just knew it was long back. Eagerly waiting to know what it was about because it is related to war and interestingly it’s a journey of a company through Europe. (the travelling part catches my attention) As they put it on HBO Now’s site as : I searched online, ... Read More »

Mahabharata Versions

i knew JAYA was Mahabharata’s original version (lets consider version 1.0). It may be preserved as folktale from one generation to another off course with changes of addition and deletions of parts. Almost all believe it was story of war between two viz. Pandavas and Kauravas. it may be actual battel between two Groups Later i have found out Jaya version updated ... Read More »

Mahabharata – I

there are always stories of dynasty rule. no matter which Period or Culture. Some are real because there was example and observer wanted to tell larger audience to set example be it good or bad. some are fictions because writer not satisfied with example he have, so they manipulate story with their imagination. some time fictions become fail some times epic and sometimes ... Read More »