Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Ganpati 2016

Almost five years have gone since the last time I visited any Mumbai sarvajanik Ganpathi utsav erection. Why not this time! My friend encouraged me to accompany him. Without hesitation I fixed it for Wednesday afternoon through next day’s morning. I packed my bag with necessary items including camera. We met at Navi Mumbai station and headed towards our first ... Read More »

Darshan 2016

It was sudden thought, to make it memorable. This year again there will be same kind of Ganpati Darshan and one usual article with few pics. However, I always enjoy darshan night on regular route that is Lalbaug.  However, this year we have decided to explore new route and complete journey. It was impulsive decision but to explore unexplored Khetwadi ... Read More »

Damm Trip

In a quick end moment wrap we decided a trip to a dam that we newly came to know. Coming holiday we started out after gathering at Navi Mumbai on our bikes. Everyone’s incognizance about that place half an hour from Karjat turned our 90 minutes journey into a 4 hour journey. Somehow reaching there at 12 in the noon ... Read More »

Ashtavinayak Tour 2

Day two Chintamani, Theur Our first destination the second day was Chintamani at Theur near Pune. It was situated on a hill and steps were made for the visitors to climb up to the temple. While climbing the steps everywhere there was turmeric powder spread all over in large quantity. There is a system of offering turmeric at the temple ... Read More »

Ashtavinayak Tour 1

In India it is said that if you make a visit to temples your wishes get fulfilled. You can even get your work done. This post is on an unforgettable trip to Ashtavinayak which I had undertaken on a purpose with faith and belief. Mostly I am not a hardcore worshipper but situations can change your thinking temporarily or permanently. ... Read More »

Tadoba – Jewel of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is home to many National Parks and Tiger reserves. Tadoba is definitely a feather in Caps. Tiger Roars and Cub purrs can be heard all across this beautiful National Park. It has always been and currently is home to beautiful and daring Tiger Queens. Very rarely a Male Tiger has dominated this territory. Maya, Sonam, Geeta, Lara and Choti ... Read More »


खूब दिनना कोठेना कोठे जावाना विचार करी रायन्थु पण काय टाया नई बसी रानथा गड्या. मंग दोन नावे डोयासमोर उनात पहिल ते “तोरणमाळ” आणि दुसर नाव ऊन “उनकदेवनं”. विचार गहिरा व्हता गया, म्हंत तोरणमाळले पुढली सवा जाई यीसुत आते उनकदेवचं (“उनपदेव”) जाई येऊत.उनकदेव आमना गावथीन अंदाजे 30-40 किलोमीटर शे म्हणून मी तयारीना बाबतमा एकदम निवांत व्हयी गऊ. आणि फक्त शर्ट-प‌ॅन्ट ... Read More »

Ovalekar Wadi – 3

As we moved from there we came upon a shallow well like structure inside which a dark green chameleon was residing. It was found injured by sir and he had brought it to this new home. His every move reminded of a slow motion scene of an action movie. After watching it a few minutes we moved to a nearby ... Read More »

Korlai 1

At the dawn we stepped out of the house to a destination unknown to us and only knew from sources on the internet. But the past experiences in our mind projected that the ‘destinations are always new for explorers.‘ Our journey started by reaching the nearest Panvel ST bus depot from where we had to catch the bus for Alibaug. ... Read More »


ह्या वर्षी पाऊस कुठे लपून बसला होता तेच कळत न्हवत. आणि दुष्काळाची चाहूल देणार्‍य उन्हात भटकायचं म्हणजे जिवावर येत. पण हळूहळू वातावरण बदलत होत. आजूबाजूला बर्‍याच ठिकाणी पाऊस चालू झाला होता. मस्त भटकण्यासारखा मौसम झाला होता. कुठे तरी छोटस गिर्यारोहण करायचं ठरलं आणि दिघीचा डोंगर नक्की झाला. मी, राहुल आणि अमोल नक्की झालेलो. एकदा सुरवात झाली की हळूहळू बाकीचा पण ... Read More »