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कलावंतीणला जायचं ठरलं आणि पनवेलच्या एश.टी. डेपोवर आम्ही जमा झालो.उपमा, पोहे वा मिसळबरोबर चहा घेतला आणि टमटमने थाकुर्वाडीला निघालो. जसजसाशहरीभाग संपला  तसा निसर्गातील हिरवा पत्ता उभ्रून येऊ लागला. डुलत डुलतचालणारी टमटम, गार सुटलेला वारा आणि निसर्गसानिध्य कस छान जुळून आलेलं.शेतात तांदळाच पिक दिसत होत पण आजूबाजूला रान पण मजल होत. थाकुर्वाडीला पोहोचताच बहुतेकजण पावसामुळे न भिजण्याची तैयारी करू लागला तरकाही ... Read More »

Malvan – 2

Dolphin Safari: “Come on, get up! We will miss the dolphins”, I shouted. Now was the time to see them. If we miss now then cannot be sure to see them later, thus was decided. Everyone got ready and met the boat owner. Everyone was excited but calm. We searched for the boat ourselves. As we got into one I ... Read More »

Malvan – 1

My eyes opened in the morning to a vast spread jungle as far as my sight could reach. Those long curved roads were taking us to a faraway place. This was Konkan as I was watching by. Others in the bus were still sleeping and those who were awake were in a similar situation as me. The only sound was ... Read More »