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Darshan 2016

It was sudden thought, to make it memorable. This year again there will be same kind of Ganpati Darshan and one usual article with few pics. However, I always enjoy darshan night on regular route that is Lalbaug.  However, this year we have decided to explore new route and complete journey. It was impulsive decision but to explore unexplored Khetwadi ... Read More »

Ovalekar Wadi – 1

Ovlekar wadi was on our list for the next visit. But this didn’t come all of a sudden. Quite a long time we have been thinking of a visit but due to its connectivity and early morning weekend start was quite a setback each time. This time we made up our mind to finish it off. The day started as ... Read More »


३१ डिसेंबरचा ह्यांगओवर उतरला न्हवता म्हणून कंपनीने १ जानेवारीला सुट्टी दिलेली पण रेल्वे प्रशासनामुळे अजून एक सुट्टी मिळाली ना भाऊ ! पण बाकीच्यांना झाल अस की… तसा पण जायचा कंटाळा आलेला पण १ची सुट्टी मिळाल्याने आणि मजबूत पार्टी झाल्यामुळे जीव शांत झाला होता. मस्तपैकी आराम करून लोळून लोळून घालवलेला. आज 2 ज्याण. उठावस वाटत न्हव्हत. पण जायचं तर होताच कसतरी ... Read More »