Wednesday , May 23 2018
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Korlai 1

At the dawn we stepped out of the house to a destination unknown to us and only knew from sources on the internet. But the past experiences in our mind projected that the ‘destinations are always new for explorers.‘ Our journey started by reaching the nearest Panvel ST bus depot from where we had to catch the bus for Alibaug. ... Read More »

Haji Malang

Long time has passed in between the day I had gone to this place and today when I am about to bring that adventure before you, as I started seeing the flashback after going through the photographs. We headed towards Kalyan where we can catch the ST bus to reach this spot. The plans for this outing was being prepared ... Read More »


३१ डिसेंबरचा ह्यांगओवर उतरला न्हवता म्हणून कंपनीने १ जानेवारीला सुट्टी दिलेली पण रेल्वे प्रशासनामुळे अजून एक सुट्टी मिळाली ना भाऊ ! पण बाकीच्यांना झाल अस की… तसा पण जायचा कंटाळा आलेला पण १ची सुट्टी मिळाल्याने आणि मजबूत पार्टी झाल्यामुळे जीव शांत झाला होता. मस्तपैकी आराम करून लोळून लोळून घालवलेला. आज 2 ज्याण. उठावस वाटत न्हव्हत. पण जायचं तर होताच कसतरी ... Read More »