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Ashtavinayak Tour 1

In India it is said that if you make a visit to temples your wishes get fulfilled. You can even get your work done. This post is on an unforgettable trip to Ashtavinayak which I had undertaken on a purpose with faith and belief. Mostly I am not a hardcore worshipper but situations can change your thinking temporarily or permanently. ... Read More »

Ovalekar Wadi – 3

As we moved from there we came upon a shallow well like structure inside which a dark green chameleon was residing. It was found injured by sir and he had brought it to this new home. His every move reminded of a slow motion scene of an action movie. After watching it a few minutes we moved to a nearby ... Read More »

Ovalekar Wadi – 2

We were lost in his lecture. We felt like listening him for longer. He went about telling the history of that park. It was setup in 1991 over some rice fields and fruit farms. Initially he had planted some trees which attracted the butterflies. With the passage of time he collected more information about the butterflies, plants and their behavior ... Read More »

Ovalekar Wadi – 1

Ovlekar wadi was on our list for the next visit. But this didn’t come all of a sudden. Quite a long time we have been thinking of a visit but due to its connectivity and early morning weekend start was quite a setback each time. This time we made up our mind to finish it off. The day started as ... Read More »


उन्हाचा कंटाळा आला आणि रात्र भ्रमणाची वाट बघत होतो आणि ठरलं गोरखगडलाजायचं ठरलं. सगळी तैयारी झाली दोन्ही क्यामेरे चार्ज केले आणि निघायच्यावेळी घाईत एकच घेतला. स्वतःवर वैतागत गाडी पकडली आणि कल्याणाचा रस्ताधरला. कल्याणहून जवळजवळ कसरत करतंच मुरबाडला टच झालो तर थंडीअंगावर आलीहोती आणि बाकीची मंडळी येत आम्ही तिथेच एका घरासमोर अंथरूनपसरून  ताणूनदिली. थोड्या वेळाने मित्रांचे आवाज आले, डोळे उघडत न्हवते पण ... Read More »

Labor Statue

To reach labor statue and garden from Ambernath railway station walk to Morivali on Kalyan-Badlapur road which is approx 25-30 mins distance or you can take rickshaw and asked ‘Kamgar Putala’ (Labour statue).  Though its unique in kind statue is not taken care properly. you unable to see it because it is surrounded by private vehicles (truck, rickshaw and other ... Read More »